Check here for the answer before you call us


1. We are a Jewish organisation and we have a special guest speaker. Can you send someone to interview him/her?

We do not employ reporters. The editor may be able to assist in helping locate a volunteer to do an interview.  Organisations are responsible for arranging and submitting reports and photos of their events, meetings and functions.


2. My paper was not delivered. What do I do?

If you are a current subscriber, your paper would have been mailed to you by Australia Post. Sometimes they run late, but we have no control over that. If your paper has not arrived by Monday, call 9276 7868 and we’ll send you another one.


3. I want to give a subscription as a gift, how do I do that?

Call 9276 7868 and we will tell you if your friend is a subscriber. If not, we can arrange over the phone to add them to our list and we will send them a lovely certificate from you. A subscription makes an ideal gift.


4. How do I put an “insert” in the paper?

If you mean an advert, please go to our advertising page.

  • Loose inserts need to be booked with the office on 9276 7868.
  • Loose inserts can be up to A4 in size and printed on both sides of the paper but all printing is at your own expense.  If printing is not in colour it must be on a pastel coloured paper.
  • Send the artwork to us for prior approval ([email protected]).
  • We take 24 hours to approve before you can send it out for printing. Be sure to include the words “Supplement to the Maccabean” and the date of the Maccabean in which it is to be inserted on your artwork or it will not be approved.
  • You will need to have the required number of copies printed and delivered to Pilpel Print, 148 Beaufort Street, Perth by Tuesday morning (3 days prior to publication).


5. How much does a loose insert cost?

Please check with Estella at the time of booking.


6. How do I know what size to make my advert?

Start by checking the sizes of ads in previous papers and do a word count. If you are still unsure, call 9276 7868 and Estella will assist you.


7. We are having a function, can you send someone to take photos?

We do not take photos at private functions, but we would be glad to receive a digital photo and a paragraph about your simcha.
Similarly, we do not take photos at community and organisational events but we welcome digital photos to accompany a text report.